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Broadcast TV

Creator of Fox's 'Lone Star' will do just about anything to save his show

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Sep 27 2010


I thought about expending some energy this week pleading for the life of Fox's Lone Star, a fine new drama about a two-timing anti-hero leading dual lives in Texas. Only one episode has aired, and it's already in danger of being yanked from the schedule because of its cellar-dweller ratings. But come to find out, the creator of the Fox show has done a much better job than I could of trying to rally eyeballs. He's offering gardening services and sensual massage, for crying out loud! In addition, though I don't know where he'll find the time, Kyle Killen says he'll do some guerrilla marketing on L.A.'s gridlocked roads. In crazy pants! Killen's plea, posted on his blog, shows that a) TV producers can grovel with the best of them, and b) the threat of cancellation, and of being the first new fall series to be axed, can inspire some great jabs at the competition. Killen, unfortunately, finds himself in the unenviable position of fighting an uphill battle, where broadcast networks are hair-trigger quick to ditch shows that don't perform immediately. Even though it's a compelling series, starring Jon Voight and newcomer James Wolk, viewers stayed away in droves. So, Killen's not kidding when he says he needs a "minor miracle" to stay on the air. I, for one, hope he gets it. Lone Star airs Monday night at 9/8c on Fox.





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